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Yes! All of our units are cleaned thoroughly. We are committed to making sure that your children are playing in a clean, well maintained, and safe environment. After each rental, every unit is thoroughly cleaned by commercial vinyl cleaners, disinfected, and sanitized. Once the unit is clean, it will be inspected to ensure cleanliness.

All of our units are made from 100% lead free vinyl. Safety is not an option, it’s a REQUIREMENT, and the safety of your children is our #1 priority.

Everything! Our units are a perfect addition to any party, event, or celebration. You can find one of our combos or water slides at occasions including but not limited to: birthday parties, church festivals, charity events, corporate events, company picnics, school field days, grand openings, family reunions, Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps, and much more!

Under no circumstances should water be used with any inflatable that is not designed for such use. However, there are inflatables designed for use with water. We will be glad to let you know what water units are available for you to rent for your event. We do provide a water hose (25ft long) if inflatable is further please have a water hose present.

Our inflatables can be set up on grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, or even indoors with a different anchoring system available for every possible combination. When placing your reservation, please let us know on what type of terrain your rental will be installed. Inflatables that are setup on grass are anchored with long steel stakes, while inflatables that are setup on other surfaces or indoors are anchored with sandbags.

We do free delivery, set up, and tear down for the first 15 miles from our location in kendallville. After the initial 15 miles we charge $2 a mile one way.

example: if you are 21 miles from us. The first 15 miles are free. The additional 6 miles are charged at $2 a mile so a delivery fee of $12 will be added onto your booking.

Once we leave the premise, it is up to the customer to care for the inflatable. You will assume responsibility for any and all damage done not caused by ordinary wear and tear. Ordinary wear and tear is the normal deterioration of the inflatable when used properly and reasonably. You will be liable for any and all damage caused by cutting, tearing, overturning, overloading, exceeding weight capacities, improper use, abuse, lack of care, contamination, or use of chemicals, food, paint, silly string, mud, clay, etc.. that can cause damage to the unit. Should any of these arise at the time of pickup, cost of the damage will be assessed and be automatically billed to the customer.

We are fully insured for general liability coverage. Our insurance covers our own negligence; not our customers. At the time of your reservation you will be required to sign a rental agreement and release form(s) that lists specific terms and conditions of the rental.

What business is a business without additional fees?! Maybe there are some, but we do have a few house keeping items that could cause additional fees to be added.


  1. Returned Checks – We only accept checks from churches, schools, and other corporate like entities and when a bad check is written, an additional $25 will be added to the balance for the returned check and the debacle it creates.
  2. Cleaning a unit is hard and requires a ton of work as is. If the unit, for any reason, accumulates gum, hair dye, candy, food stains, sticky substances, etc.. an additional cleaning fee of $200 will be assessed. Beware – Silly String and permanent markings causes permanent damage to the unit and will require a complete replacement of the unit by the customer.
  3. Making a “Dry” unit “Wet” when reserving a unit for dry use only will incur an additional $75 fee. We get it, it might be hot, and it may be tempting to throw some water on the unit to spruce up the fun but some of our units shouldnot be getting wet, while others can but require additional time to clean, roll, and maneuver. That extra time you created, that was not previously accounted for at the time of the rental, can cause a delay for other customers and an inconvenience to our team.  So order the unit “Wet” in advance if you think you’ll be adding water!

Unfortunately the guys that cover us and the units (aka insurance) do not allow us to offer customer pickup.

Yes the inflatable can end up in the o-zone if the wind is strong enough. We will not set up any unit if there is expected high winds for that day. Majority of our units have a 15 mph threshold. Anything above that would be considered high. If conditions change throughout the day, AFTER the rental has been delivered, you should power down the unit, contact us, and we can go over options. Safety always wins!

If you are booking a “wet” unit, meaning you expect to have water rushing through it to intensify your fun a water source will be required. Each wet unit will have a spray hose attached but your hose needs to reach where the unit will be set up at.

During “playtime” the unit must be plugged in the entire time. The unit will begin to deflate if the blower is turned off. If you anticipate a long period of downtime, it is ok to turn off/unplug the unit. Our blowers are energy efficient and do not cost anymore than $0.15/hour to keep on so turning them off is not necessary.

We do… Overnight Rentals cost an additional $50 and require the blower to be removed from the Inflatable and locked up in a secure location overnight.

Normal pick up for a overnight rental would be the next day by 11am unless it’s a multi day rental than the overnight rental fee is waved

Every unit requires supervision. Even our adult parties need to have someone supervising during play. There should never be a time where someone is not monitoring play time. We will thoroughly train you or your designated attendant to operate the inflatable safely at the time of delivery. It’s then your responsibility to oversee the inflatable while it’s operational. Should you require an attendant outside of yourself or party guests, reach out to us prior to booking your rental. We may be able to provide someone from our crew for an additional $35 hour.

All of our prices include delivery, setup and tear down For the first 15 miles from our location in kendallville. We charge $2 a mile one way there after. Our delivery team will ensure everything is mounted and set up properly for you to enjoy every minute of your rental.

Early bird gets the worm they say. All of our rentals are first come first serve. Some units get booked in the winter for the following summer. We have Schools, Churches, and other regular customers who plan their budgets and year well in advance. If the day is open, we recommend you booking it!

We do require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. We are not in the air travel business so your deposit  secures the date and unit and will not be overbooked. This is non-refundable if the cancellation is requested by the customer. if more is paid than everything after the deposit is refundable.  Of course any cancellations initiated by A Bounce Above Kendallville  will result in a full refund of your deposit And payment.

In most cases, we would have assessed the weather for the day and a decision would have been made to either go through with the rental or cancel.  If a light rain is in the forecast (30% chance or less) and you chose to go through with the rental, a light rain shouldn’t hurt anything or anyone. No refunds will be issued.

If a pop up thunderstorm or high wind situation occurs all participants should seek shelter. Attendant should deflate the unit, unplug the blower, and if possible, move the blower to a covered area. If the situation continues for more than an hour call us immediately to advise so that we can assess next steps.

We hate that this is even being looked at but do understand things happen.


  • 31+ days from your event date – We will refund any payments received including the security deposit.
  • 10-30 days from event date – We will refund any payments received less the security deposit.  We will however allow you to use that security deposit as a credit towards a new reservation. That credit will expire after 1 year of it being issued.
  • 1-9 days from your event date – We will refund any payments received less your security deposit. At this point your security deposit will be forfeited to A bounce Above Kendallville.
  • 0 days from your event date – If a cancellation occurs at the time of delivery, an additional $50.00 will be added to the security deposit for inconveniencing our staff.


Weather related cancellations, are the only exceptions where a 100% refund may be honored regardless of when the cancellation is made. Storms and High winds will be assessed the day of the event (no later than 8:00AM) and cancellations and refunds will be communicated. If light rain is in the forecast (30% chance or less) and you choose NOT to go through with the rental, we will allow you to use your security deposit as a credit towards a new reservation. That credit will expire after 1 year of it being issued.

We accept all major credit cards For deposits. Checks (only from Churches, Schools, and other Corporate Entities). Cash only for final balance at set up.

Your final amount is due on the day of delivery. When our driver arrives, if you have not already settled the bill, you should expect to pay the balance before the unit ever comes off the set up we take cash only, our driver can handle that. We do not however, carry change, so please have the exact balance ready. Again, we will not pull any items off the trailer until the balance is settled.

Adding water requires more time to setup, clean, roll, and pack up. We also provide a custom hose line that works with the unit. You simply attach it to your hose or bib at your site. So time, material, and labor; Thats why.

Short answer is, it shouldn’t. Lots of pressure might flatten grass, but it won’t usually kill it, and despite how heavy the inflatables are, they aren’t heavy enough to damage grass. And while grass can be suffocated by temporary structures, it takes longer than a few hours—or even a few days—to typically see that happen. If you have a multi-day rental, and the grass is looking brown after an event, it may have been distressed and needs to be revived. Shade and Water can typically revive discolored grass.

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